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Crack free joints for cement boards , calcium silicate boards , shera/V/C/E boards , aerocon panels

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Now a days from past 10 years lot of works are happening with calcium silicate boards , shera boards , cement boards and also with rigid walls of aerocon panel , v panel ,e board panels of thickness 50 mm,75mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm and length of 2440mm,1830mm and a width of 600mm ,1200mm and these products are commonly using for exterior as well as interior purposes.

The main problem all consumers are facing its joint crack problem if it is treated with fibre net tapes also.

I also suffered a lot with this problem and accidently find out an imported 50mm paper tape to over cum this problem

The application is like first u have to apply the normal procedure with fibre net tapes and fill with putty in joints when it dried u make a sander finish/paper cutting finish and apply this paper tape on the joints with fevicol SH or with the same putty you are using for full finish if it is exterior grade or interior grade

The result is that u will not find cracks any more why because of the property of flexibility in paper ,the cracks will not see outwards but cracks will be there inside the paper tapes if u peel it and check

And i found the cost is also cheaper to cover 2000 sqft area the cost is only 2000 + GST 18%

And if any require this product pls feel free to contact our team or u can directly order it at any of the malabar gypsum counter

Or call at 0091 9745900045


Aneesh james

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