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Gypsum boards

How to choose Top quality Gypsum Board brands ?

The famous brands in india are usg boral india pvt ltd and saint gobain gyproc india ltd

Also the world famous brand like Gypsemna, knauf and Armstrong are the major player in international market.( Us ,middle east and in Australia)

Gypsum board is a kind of material made from natural gypsum rocks that crushed to powder format. It is a kind of building material with lightweight, high strength, thin thickness, easy processing, sound insulation, heat insulation, and fire protection.

Gypsum board is divided into ordinary paper plasterboard, waterproof paper plasterboard, fireproof paper plasterboard, moisture-proof paper plasterboard, PVC veneer plasterboard, common paper plasterboard, Fiber Plasterboard, Gypsum Decoration Board Traditional meaning of Gypsum Board refers to the paper gypsum board, mainly for the decoration of the ceiling.

Gypsum Board Plasterboard:

Generally, gypsum powder is used as the main material, which can be mixed with light aggregate, made into hollow or introduced foam to reduce self-weight and reduce heat conductivity, and fiber to improve tensile strength and reduce Brittleness Can also be mixed with silica mineral powder or organic waterproof agent to improve its water resistance; sometimes the surface can be stickers or aluminum foil to increase the appearance, the production process is generally, gypsum ore after crushing, grinding, calcined into gypsum powder, then add glass fiber, foaming agent, adhesive, water reducer, corn starch, gypsum powder, etc. Mixed with water after extrusion molding, drying. Gypsum board with fire, insulation, non-flammable, can be sawn nails, sound absorption, humidity, beautiful. Sound insulation, lightweight, high strength, economic, easy construction, green environmental protection, small shrinkage and good stability, aging, moth-proofing, can be used nails, saws, planning, sticky and other methods of construction. Widely used in decoration ceiling, art ceiling, partition wall, Interior Wall and flat top decoration, partition wall, thermal insulation materials, sound-absorbing materials, WOOD SUBSTITUTE MATERIALS

General Specification for Gypsum Plasterboard: (unit: MM)

Regular Gypsum Plasterboard:

1830 x 1220 x 12.5 ( indian standard)

2400x1200x12 ( international standard)

Colour. Off white or grey paper colour


1830 x 1220 x 12.5 ( indian standard)

2400x1200x12 ( international standard)

Colour. Green


1830 x 1220 x 12.5 ( indian standard)

2400x1200x12 ( international standard)

Colour. Red or pink

Acoustic Gypsum Plasterboard:

595 mm x 595mm x 12.5 ( indian standard)

2400x1200x12 ( international standard)

Colour. Green, white, grey

Gypsum poly vinyl foil back laminate board

595 mm x 595mm x12.5 ( indian standard)

595mm x 595mm x 9mm(indian standard)

595mm x595mm x7 ( international standard)

Front face . White

Back face . Aluminium steel colour

Plasterboard Selection

How do you pick the DRYWALL

Plasterboard is used in the console that home installs commonly or partition in. The experienced person knows, choose plasterboard, what should notice basically is its paper face, general paper face where is worn, plasterboard is cracked easily from where.

Good plasterboard surface paper is after special treatment, should be very tough, can try to open the paper surface feel, and also see the paper surface and Plaster Core Board bonding strength is not strong If the adhesion is not strong gypsum board is also easy to damage.

In addition, because the Gypsum Board is usually directly in its latex paint and other finishes, so it is necessary to observe the smoothness of the surface. When choosing, can by two people in plasterboard long end, plasterboard is lifted, look at the bend in the middle, good plasterboard bend degree won’t be too big. Two people still can shake plasterboard both ends, if did not fracture just is an eligible product.

For home - commercial interiors - regular gypsum plaster board is used commonly used due to the less price and good quality of the product world wide and price ranges of product is rs. 16-17/sqft for the plaster board

And when it comes to the works contract price

Price will be 55/ sqft for commercial silver category ceilings work

Split up comes as

Rs. 17 board price + Rs. 12 for framing system + accessories cost rs. 8 + labour charges rs. 18

Altogether rs. 55/sqft + local taxes etc

Price will be 70/ sqft for medium gold category ceilings work

Split up comes as

Rs. 17 board price + Rs. 25 for framing system + accessories cost rs.10 + labour charges rs. 18

Altogether rs. 70/sqft + local taxes etc

The lasting procedure or life cycle for commercial ceilings is 5- 10 years because the frames using in this type of system will have less zinc coating say 60gsm only and also the thickness will be about .25 mm or .3mm, hence it will rust due rhe humidity content the atmophere and began to fall once the rusting starts in the screw areas of framing system

And the gold category ceiling will last or having a life cycle of more than 40years

Beacuse the framing system using inside will be .45 mm thick 120gsm zinc coating jindal, ispat , loyd ,indian thadka, essar ,isi marked steels or re branded format of these barnds from usg boral or saint gobain gyproc brands which ever is easily available in the market

For exterior exposure - balcony- humidic hilly areas- kitchen - toilets moisture resistant or fire resistant gypsum plaster board is using due to its high performance against water and fire and price ranges og 12.5mm is rs. 30/sqft fir the board

And the works contract ranges is as follows

Silver category - rs.68/sqft

Gold category- rs. 83/sqft

Acoustic boards mostly using in home theatres ,class rooms, film thetres for better acoustic performances up to .9nrc value.

Price range of product is rs. 45/sqft for 595 x 595x 12.5mm tiles

And for 1200x 2400 x 12mm plerforated plaster board price come about rs. 75/sqft

And works contract price varies as per the different requirements of the site starti g from rs. 150 to 250/sqft.

Modular gypsum ceilings is the most using grid format ceilings for laboratories, classrooms,it offices due to its speedy completion and aesthetic appearances with interlocking system epoxy coated grid systems with poly vinyl laminated gypsum tiles and price ranges of the board is rs. 30/sqft for boards and work contract prices ranges starts from 80 to 100 depending on the quantity of the requirements.

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